Welcome to my blog, a fun and (hopefully) insightful look into one girl’s inner thoughts on the world.

Join me as I navigate my way through turning 30, dating in 2017 and creating a career for myself. All in a new country on the other side of the world!

Also as an avid baker/cook I will be sharing some of my most favoured recipes for you to try. These will be a mix of healthy (but yummy) and the truly devilish foods! Some of these pages are from my previous blog which I have transferred over (hence the old dates!)

About the blogger

screenshot_2017-03-26-21-01-12.jpgFast approaching 30, but however terrified I am that I don’t seem to have my life as together as I would like, I am also excited for what may happen.

So I recently moved from London to Sydney, big decision! Back home I worked as a primary school teacher, and now out here I am currently working as an Early Childhood Teacher.

I appreciate great photography (I try hard with my Sony Xperia) and love good coffee… wine … food (lots and lots of food!). Luckily for my eating habits, I am also a keen runner/walker/crawler, especially in a pretty location – this hobby has been recently resurrected with the gorgeous Eastern Suburbs coastal walk.

As most nearly 30 year olds, I am just as happy on a dance floor as I am curled up on the sofa, and I can often be found with messy hair, make up down my face (if actually applied in the first place) and the comfiest clothes possible.

And so, Messy Hair and Sweatpants was created.



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